<u>Next Generation</u> Coolant for Glass Fabrication

Become an Independent Sales Affiliate

Swarf Buster is seeking independent sales representatives for its newly commercialized PATENTED environmentally friendly technology for glass fabrication.  Our Next Generation Coolant provides a revolutionary method for optimizing glass particle-removal-rate, the key to: longer tool life, optimal production throughput, product quality, reduced energy consumption, less downtime, solids removal, and fewer pipe clogs.

Swarf Buster is the perfect opportunity for any seasoned sales representative in the glass industry - it provides a truly unique value.


- Ability to influence positive change with plant managers and maintenance engineers in the glass industry.

- At least 3 Years of demonstrated successful sales and support.

- Impeccable reputation for customer service.

- Other requirements may apply.


Inquire via our "Contact Us" page here at www.SwarfBuster.com

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Lower Cost - Improve Performance
Lower Cost - Improve Performance